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Do I Need A Will ?

This Blog Post has been shared with permission from Mama Bear Legal forms. You can save 20% on your legal packages using my code HeroesCoaching.

Do I need A Will?

This is one of the most common questions people ask. If you are an adult, the answer is yes. Here’s why. No one is immune from accident or illness. Anything can happen at any time. When something tragic and unexpected occurs, having important legal documents like a will and powers of attorney in place makes coping with disaster a little less onerous. The last thing anyone wants is to make an unexpected passing even harder on their loved ones, who are already burdened beyond belief. Who needs a will? In case you weren’t aware (and really, who would be?), August is National Make-a-Will Month, and this year, its passing marks the first time that younger people aged 18-34 are more likely to have a will than older people aged 35-54. While that is good news, a survey found that only 44% of people over aged 55 have a will. That means six out of every ten people in that age range do not have a will. When looking at all age groups, that number drops down even lower to just under 33%, meaning two out of every three adults don’t have a will. When asked why they don’t have a will, the most common reasons given were:

  • Not knowing how to get one

  • Not getting around to it

  • Not believing they had enough assets to warrant one

We’re going to answer those common objections to getting a will with three simple answers. #1: You can make a will in less than 20 minutes at Mama Bear Legal Forms. A will is a legal document that outlines your wishes regarding the legal care of your minor children and the distribution of your property and assets upon your passing. A will ensures your wishes come true, regardless of the amount of money you have. Wills aren’t just for people with young children or people with great wealth. Everyone needs one. But, we’re busy. Creating a will seems like something that takes too long. Or, is a hassle that requires finding a lawyer, setting an appointment, and drawing out lengthy legal forms. Or, we assume making a will is expensive. We’ve actually tackled all three of those common reasons people don’t get a will with our will package. In less than 20 minutes, you can protect your family, gain peace of mind and create a legally binding will that details your wishes for your estate. Our attorney-built documents are state-specific and legally binding and only cost $179. We also throw in two other important documents free – a health care power of attorney and financial power of attorney form. It’s fast, easy and affordable. Whether you’re making a will for the first time, or need to update the one you made years ago, there’s no reason for you not to create your will today. #2: Now is the time to make your will. Not tomorrow. Today. There will never be a better time than right now to make your will. When you die intestate, or without a will, the state in which you live gets to decide how to distribute your belongings. It is also the party that decides who provides care for any minor children you have left behind. This means you have no say, no voice, and no choice in who gets your money, kids, house, pets, and family heirlooms. After you pass without a will, the state names a personal representative – someone who will distribute your assets. Absent a will, you have no say in who this responsibility falls to. The state could name an ex-spouse, parent, or another family member who wouldn’t be your first choice. If no one is willing to be your personal representative, the courts could choose a total stranger. Your estate enters a process called probate. Your money and other assets are frozen until the courts decide who will distribute them. This means no one can access your things, even if you gave them permission to do so on your deathbed. The probate process can string out for a lengthy amount of time and turn your untimely passing into something even harder for your family to bear. Ultimately, those are the most important reasons to make a will right now, because it gives you control over your things. #3: Everyone needs a will, no matter how much or how little money you have. One of the most common reasons people don’t make a will is because they don’t think they have enough money to warrant one. The truth is that wills are not just for the wealthy. Wills do more than just say who gets whatever amount of money you have. They ensure your wishes are respected. Anyone with minor children needs a will because it ensures that your children go to the legal guardian you designate, should you die before your children are adults. You might know exactly who you’d want to care for your children and assume they’d go to those individuals, but in the absence of a will, a court decides what happens to your children. If you have older parents who aren’t able to care for young children, or family living in other states, who will your children go to? Unless you make a will, you are leaving it up to the courts to decide. With a will, your heirs are able to access what you’re leaving to them faster and easier. A will can also help you give charitable donations to organizations you care about, which may also help you offset any estate taxes. If you own a business, a will ensures a smooth transition to the new owner(s). Get Your Will Package Today Creating your will doesn’t take long or cost much. You can do it in 20 minutes from the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you. Mama Bear Legal Forms provides law firm quality, state-specific documents that are easy to create, simple to download, and incredibly affordable. At just $179, you’ll spend far less than you would at an attorney’s office. All three of the forms we offer in our Will Package are legally valid in all states and include signing instructions. It only takes twenty minutes to create a will. Get started now. Use promo code HeroesCoaching for 20% off your legal packages.

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