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5 Easy Affordable Meals

Do you love eating good food, but maybe don't enjoy spending lots of time cooking every day? That's me too! There's a few times where I really enjoy making a special meal, standing over the oven, smelling all the flavors as they melt together to create a masterpiece, but more often then not, I really just want some yummy food that takes under 30 minutes of work to make. Bonus points if its even faster than 30 minutes!

So here's my list of easy meals that won't break the bank!

  1. Crock pot enchilada chili - Not every crock pot meal steals the show but this one certainly does. In fact, it won't the chili cookout at my church and is the easiest crock pot meal ever. No cooking the meat on the stovetop first, just dump it all in, turn the crock pot on and let it cook until you are ready to eat.

  2. Crock pot ribs - I promise, this is the last slow cooker meal. This one is a favorite in our home, and whenever ribs are on sale, I definitely purchase some. I mean, if ribs are cheaper than ground beef or chicken, than why would I pass on some delicious BBQ? Follow this recipe here, then microwave some baked potatoes and throw in a salad and bam, dinner is done and took you about 30 minutes of work to prepare it. Best part? If you get the ribs on sale, you can make the whole meal for about $10. ($8 for a rack of ribs on sale, a few cents for the baked potatoes because you bought them

  3. Chicken on the grill - Grab some chicken thighs, your favorite marinade, some of your favorite veggies, ( I like peppers and onions) and throw them on a stick. Put them on the grill till they are done and dinner is served. While the marinade will take a little time, you can just throw it in a ziplock in the morning to marinate all day, then chop it up real quick and put it on the grill. I don't have a recipe for this one, but you can find some great ones on Pinterest.

  4. Breakfast for dinner - Whether you like waffles or omelettes, breakfast for dinner is such an easy option that is quick and affordable. I love using Kodiak Cakes to whip up some waffles while cooking some breakfast sausage. Lots of protein and it fills up everyone's tummies for bedtime.

  5. Chicken salad sandwiches - This one is simple and you can make extra to have for lunches during the week. The only part that will take you some time is putting the chicken in the crock pot to cook. The rest is very simple and fast. I love to load it on a croissant for a yummy sandwich.

Well, there you have it, my 5 favorite easy budget meals that are delicious and so so simple.

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